Park Place Blvd Improvements

  • Improving mobility & quality of life through:
    • Reconstructing curbs, portions of road and resurfacing roadways.
    • Build new 8′ wide ADA compliant sidewalks along both sides of road.
    • Install better street lighting.
    • Install pedestrian activated traffic signal – near school / future Botanic Gardens entry.
    • Upgrade existing traffic signal at Galveston Road.
  • To begin in October 2019 with completion by August 2020.

Multiple Street Improvements

  • Improve neglected roadways, sidewalks, and intersections within TIRZ 8.
    Including: roadway panel replacements, sidewalk replacements or additions, wheel chair ramps, and intersection striping.
  • Phase 1 – Improve sections of 11 streets begining September 2019.
  • Phase 2 – Improvements to apx. 9 other streets planned for in 2020.

Sims Bayou Greenway Projects

  • Telephone and Reveille Park Connections (T-0806)
    Direct access between Gulfgate and Bayou providing gateways to Park linking to commercial centers and METRO. Currently in permitting with HCFC & CoH. USACE review to follow. May start early 2020.
  • Mykawa & CenterPoint Easement (T-0804) – btw Vasser & Doulton
    Trail connects neighborhoods north of FM Law Park to Bayou with gateway at 1st Tee Entry. Trailhead off Vasser. Currently in design. May start in 2020.
  • MLK & Airport Blvd Park and Intersection Improvements
    New park and trailhead on corner of MLK & Airport. Wider crosswalks with gateways for improved connectivity. Under construction with completion early 2020.